Khaie Drama Episode 3: Khai Drama

Watch the Khaie Drama Episode 3. Khai Drama Episode 3 is premiered on Geo Tv on 10th January.

Khai Drama Episode 3 Summary

Here is the summary of Khaie Drama Episode 3:

After killing Darwesh Khan and his two sons, Durab Khan and his son Chennar Khan kidnapped Zamda. Meanwhile, Bahadur Khan attempted to rescue Zamda but got injured in a firing incident. Everyone believes he is dead, but in reality, he is living quietly with his friend, preparing himself for revenge.

Durab Khan proposed to Zamda, suggesting that if she married his son Chennar Khan, she would be granted the opportunity to visit the graves of her brothers and father. Under pressure, Zamda agreed to the proposal, and the following day, she married Chennar Khan.


Episode 3 of Khaie Drama took an unexpected turn with Durab Khan’s proposal, leaving us on the edge of our seats. The unfolding drama promises more excitement in the upcoming episodes. Don’t miss out on the next episode to see how this dramatic proposal unfolds!

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