Khaie Drama Episode 4: Khai Drama

Watch the Khaie Drama Episode 4. Khai Drama Episode 3 is premiered on Geo Tv on 11th January.

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Khaie Drama Episode 4 Summary

Read the Khai Drama Episode 4 summary:

In Episode 4 of the Khaie Drama, Chennar Khan brings Zamda to his father’s house, where her father’s and brothers’ graveyard is located. When she reaches there, she sees that her mother has gone mad and is lying on the sand with curly hair. At that moment, she resolves to seek revenge.

On the other hand, the next day marked the birthday of Chennar Khan’s son, where people celebrated with joy by firing into the air. Chennar Khan’s son also desired to join in the festivities by firing, but his mother refused to allow him. At that moment, Zamda approached Chennar Khan’s son and suggested he go to the rooftop for firing.

Sadly, while everyone was celebrating, Chennar Khan’s son got accidentally hit by one of his dad’s friends who was shooting too. This event marked the beginning of Zamda’s revenge.


Episode 4 of Khaie Drama sees Zamda’s determination for revenge grow when Chennar Khan’s son is accidentally injured during birthday celebrations. This unexpected event intensifies the plot, leaving viewers eager to witness Zamda’s unfolding quest for justice in the next episodes.

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