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Hi, I’m Malik Ali, and I’ve been following sports since 2010. I love writing stories that make sports easy to understand and fun to read. Whether breaking down a game or discussing athletes, I use my knowledge to make sports stories interesting for everyone. My aim is to share the excitement of sports through simple and engaging writing.

Malik Ali

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Malik Ali Background and Expertise


Ali joined us in 2023 from Islamabad, Pakistan, where he spent time in sports coaching before joining our team as a content writer.

Since joining us, Ali has played a significant role in crafting in-depth content related to sports.

Ali has gained recognition in social publications for his expertise in sports, providing valuable insights and commentary on a variety of topics.


  • Cricket Analyses
  • Football Interpretation
  • Wrestling updates
  • Basketball Evaluation
  • Sports Updates


  • BS Journalism
  • Sports Content Writing Certificate

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