Highest Career Strike Rate in Test, T20 and ODI Cricket

Cricket is always changing, and players aim to hit the ball hard and fast to get the best strike rate. Whether it’s in Tests, T20s, or ODIs, having a high career strike rate shows a player’s skill in being both aggressive and accurate. Let’s take a look at the players who’ve been the best at this in each format.

Highest Career Strike Rate in T20 Cricket

Player NameCountryMatchesInningsRunsHighestAverageBalls FacedStrike Rate
Kushal MallaNEP2825585137*32.50335174.62
Faisal KhanKSA272770083*29.16402174.12
KJ StagnoGIBR191850810129.88292173.97
A JohnsonCAN1212589121*58.90342172.22
SA YadavIND6057214111745.551248171.55
Taranjeet SinghROM242481511037.04476171.21
Saber ZakhilBELG2725687100*32.71404170.04
PD SaltENG201960111935.35363165.56
Zeeshan KukikhelHUN151552213734.80316165.18
HS GerickeMLT21205419127.05330163.93
Mirza AhsanAUT302744370*21.09271163.46
Iqbal HossainAUT25215327125.33328162.19
R PathanCAN1111463107*51.44287161.32
Highest Career Strike Rate in T20 Cricket

Highest Career Strike Rate in Test Cricket

PlayerMatInnsNORunsAvgHSSR50s100s0sGold 0s4s6sctst
Shahid Afridi27481171636.5115686.97851522052100
Tim Southee41676108117.7277*86.54306110053250
Virender Sehwag1041806858649.3431982.233223106123391910
Adam Gilchrist9613720557047.60204*81.95261710467710037937
Graeme Swann607614137022.098576.49505018119540
David Warner38723323146.8218074.3714123138633290
Muttiah Muralitharan13316456126111.676770.2810191414728720
Darren Sammy38632132321.6810667.88517115734650
Stuart Broad7911213228523.0816967.0010113429626220
Umar Akmal16302100335.8212965.98611011717120
Tillakaratne Dilshan8714511549040.9719365.5223169564722880
Sanath Jayasuriya11018814697340.0734065.2731149691059780
Highest Career Strike Rate in Test Cricket

Highest Career Strike Rate in ODI Cricket

AD Russell (WI)2011-201956479103492*27.21794130.22469457
GJ Maxwell (AUS)2012-2023138127173895201*35.403069126.9142310373150
JC Buttler (ENG)2012-2023181154275022162*39.544288117.11112614407170
LOB Cann (BER)2006-2009262535905226.81504117.06134629
Shahid Afridi (Asia/ICC/PAK)1996-201539836927806412423.576892117.0063930730351
H Klaasen (SA)2018-202353497170217440.521474115.4646214860
L Ronchi (AUS/NZ)2008-2017856891397170*23.671220114.5014714943
MA Leask (SCOT)2014-20236957111268107*27.561114113.8217410057
YK Pathan (IND)2008-2012574111810123*27.00713113.602376243
Sharjeel Khan (PAK)2013-20172525081215232.48716113.4016210428
NLTC Perera (SL)2009-202116613316233814019.982086112.081101117684
Rizwan Cheema (CAN)2008-2013333217649424.64685111.53639235
HH Pandya (IND)2016-202386619176992*34.011603110.3511413267
Imad Wasim (PAK)2015-202055401798663*42.86894110.29519119
Highest Career Strike Rate in ODI Cricket


In the dynamic world of cricket, the pursuit of the highest career strike rate across Test, T20, and ODI formats reveals the adaptability and prowess of players. From the strategic precision of Test cricket to the explosive power of T20s, and the adaptable finesse of ODIs, top performers showcase a unique blend of skills. As the game continues to captivate fans, the quest for the highest career strike rate remains a testament to the evolving nature of cricket. See Also: Cricket vs Football


Q1: Why is strike rate important in cricket?

A1: Strike rate measures a player’s ability to score runs quickly, reflecting their impact in different formats.

Q2: How is the highest career strike rate calculated?

A2: It is calculated by dividing the total runs scored by the total balls faced, then multiplying by 100.

Q3: Who holds the highest career strike rate in T20 cricket?

A3: As of now, AD Russell boasts one of the highest career strike rates in T20 cricket.

Q4: Can a player’s strike rate evolve over time?

A4: Yes, a player’s strike rate can change based on evolving skills, experience, and tactical adjustments.

Q5: Does a high strike rate guarantee success?

A5: While a high strike rate is indicative of a player’s ability, cricket success involves various factors like consistency and adaptability.

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