Dua e Qunoot in English

Read the Dua e Qunoot in English in this article. This article is specially for those who face difficulty understanding languages other than English.

Dua e Qunoot in English

O Allah! We ask for Your assistance, seek Your forgiveness, believe in You, depend on You, praise You, and express gratitude to You. We don’t forget to thank You and distance ourselves from those who disobey You. O Allah! We worship only You, pray to You, and bow down before You. We strive to please You, serve You, and hope for Your mercy while fearing Your punishment. Surely, Your punishment will reach the unbelievers, O Allah!


In conclusion, Dua e Qunoot is a special prayer for Muslims to talk to Allah. It helps us ask for help and forgiveness, and it reminds us to be thankful for everything. Even if you don’t understand Arabic, you can still connect with Allah by reciting Dua e Qunoot in English. It’s a way to feel closer to Him and find peace in difficult times. So, next time you pray, remember the power of Dua e Qunoot and its importance in your faith journey.

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