Wellington Anniversary Day 2024: History ,Events and Holidays

Wellington Anniversary Day is a significant public holiday in Wellington, New Zealand, observed on the Monday nearest to January 22nd each year. The day holds historical importance as it commemorates the landing of the first European settlers on January 22nd, 1840, at what is today Wellington. In 2024, this special day falls on Monday, January 22nd, marking the 184th anniversary of the historic event.

Wellington Anniversary Day 2024

Wellington’s History

To truly appreciate Wellington Anniversary Day, it’s essential to delve into the rich history of the city. Situated at the south-western tip of the North Island, Wellington’s roots trace back to Māori iwi settlements such as Rangitāne and Muaūpoko. The Musket Wars in the early 19th century led to the dominance of Te Āti Awa over the region. The city’s current form was envisioned by Captain William Mein Smith, the first Surveyor General for Edward Wakefield’s New Zealand Company, in 1840. His plan, featuring interconnected grid layouts along valleys and lower hill slopes, laid the foundation for Wellington as we know it today. Officially declared a city in 1840, Wellington was chosen as the capital city of New Zealand in 1865. For a more in-depth exploration of Wellington’s history, the Wellington City Council website provides valuable information.

Events on Wellington Anniversary Day

Wellington Anniversary Day is not just a day off; it’s a day of vibrant celebrations. The festivities vary across regions, but in Wellington, the day typically kicks off with a civic ceremony at the waterfront, followed by a lively parade through the city. Street parties, live music concerts, and various festivities are also part of the day’s agenda. Notably, the Gardens Magic Concert Series at the Botanic Garden showcases some of the capital’s top talent. The Summer Sampler event on the waterfront allows visitors to savor lunch at numerous bars and restaurants while enjoying performances from a variety of artists. History enthusiasts can join a guided tour through the Bolton Street Cemetery to uncover the stories of Wellington’s early settlers.

Community Engagement and Traditions

What sets Wellington Anniversary Day apart is the strong sense of community engagement. Local businesses actively participate, offering special promotions and discounts to enhance the celebratory atmosphere. These traditions contribute to a shared sense of pride and unity among residents, fostering lasting connections within the community.


As we eagerly anticipate Wellington Anniversary Day in 2024, let’s embrace the opportunity to celebrate the city’s history, diversity, and community spirit. From the historic landing in 1840 to the present-day festivities, Wellington Anniversary Day is a testament to the city’s resilience and evolution. So, mark your calendars and join in the festivities, whether you’re enjoying the lively parade, attending a concert, or immersing yourself in the stories of early settlers. Wellington Anniversary Day is a time to reflect, appreciate, and celebrate the past, present, and future of this remarkable city.


Q: When is Wellington Anniversary Day in 2024?

A: Wellington Anniversary Day in 2024 is on January 22nd, 2024.

Q: Is Wellington Anniversary Day a public holiday?

A: Yes, Wellington Anniversary Day is a public holiday within the old provincial boundaries.

Q: What events are held on Wellington Anniversary Day?

Wellington Anniversary Day features various public events and celebrations. Notably, the Birdman Competition at Taranaki Street Wharf is a unique highlight, where participants dressed as birds attempt to “fly” off the wharf into the harbor.

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